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Clinic Overview

Consultation clinic for ion beam radiotherapy , Particle Radiotherapy Clinic, is a 'Consultation and Second opinon' out patient clinic, the first clinic on cancer radiotherapy in Japan.  Doctors in this clinic are specialists on the subject with wide understanding on cancer and attend patients according to their weekly rotation schedule.
Once a patient is considered appropriate for heavy ion radiotherapy attending doctors proceed to further steps of treatment swiftly and smoothly.
If a case is  evaluated as 'not suitable' for heavy ion radiotherapy, still the pateint is attended and referred to other hospitals or treatment facilities for alternative treatment. In such case the attending doctor of our clinic will also inform the referred doctor about the result of his/her evulation.


Consultation is done according to  PRIOR APPOINTMENT on the followings days of a week:
               Tuesday (afternoon), Wednesday (afternoon) Thursday (afternoon), and Saturday (morning).

Location 4-1 Kioicho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094
Hotel New Otani Garden Tower (1F)
Facsimile +81-3-3239-0560
E-mail info@ryushisen.com

Presently the following heavy ion radiation facilities dispatch doctors to our clinic:


Expecting additional dispatch from following facilities in future: