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Medical Consultation

This is an outpatient clinic for “Consultation and Second opinion” both for actual patients or their families.

The three pilars of cancer treatment are surgery, chemotherapy and  radiotherapy. When a patient is worried about the appropirate method of treatment, we explain various methods of cancer therapy and assist in his/her understanding about Carbon ion radiotherapy method.

Doctors of this clinic are specialists on Carbon ion radiotherapy with wide understanding on cancer therapy. Once a patient is considered appropriate for Carbon ion radiotherapy, attending doctors proceed to further steps of treatment swiftly and smoothly. The aim is to avoid unnecessary hospital admission, make minimum treatment duration and make sure that patients can receive treatment while continuing to work and carrying out daily activities.


Patients coming to our clinic for medical  consultation, require to bring all medical documents including images, as well as reference letter from doctors containing all past information.  This will enable our specialist doctors in making rapid decision and selcet appropriate course of treatment in the future. However, this is not mandatory. A pateint who does not have documents at hand can also come for consultation at first and provide medical documents later date.

If a case is  evaluated as 'not suitable' for Carbon ion radiotherapy, still the pateint is attended and referred to other hospitals or treatment facilities for alternative treatment. In such case the attending doctor of our clinic will also inform the referred doctor about the result of his/her evulation.



Our consultation clinic is supportively equipped with  biochemical tests as well as various image diagnosis facilities (CT, MRI, and PET-CT),  we can continue after therapy follow up (covered by medical insurance in case of Japanese patients) if patient wishes. We offer this follow up to serve our patients consistently.