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Answers To FAQ About Clinic

Q1: Do I get a second opinion only?

Althoug the consultation is focused on heavy ion radiotherapy, pateint examination, furhter investigation (covered by insurance for those who live in Japan) are also done according to necessity.
In addition, there may be multiple choice in treating cancer, so our specialist will advce patient about the the  most appropriate treatment.

Q2: Are consulting Doctors Specialists on the subject?

Our specialists are dispatched from the heavy particle beam therapy facility with a wide range of knowledge and  expertise on cancer.  Once a patient is considered appropriate for heavy ion radiotherapy attending doctors proceed to further steps of treatment swiftly and smoothly.

Q3: Can you do image diagnosis such CT, PET-CT, MRI or some Biochemechial Tests??

Our consultation clinic is supportively equipped with  biochemical tests as well as various image diagnosis facilities (CT, MRI, and PET-CT),  we can continue after therapy follow up (covered by medical insurance in case of Japanese patients) if patient wishes. We offer this follow up to serve our patients consistently.

Q4: If you find me suitable for heavy ion radiotherapy what would the next steps, what I have to do next?

Doctors of this clinic are specialists on heavy ion radiotherapy the with wide understanding on cancer therapy. Once a patient is considered appropriate for heavy ion radiotherapy attending doctors proceed to further steps of treatment swiftly and smoothly. The aim is to avoid unnecessary hospital admission, make the minimum treatment duration and make sure that patients can receive treatment while continuing to work and carrying out daily activities. We can also introduce appropriate facility depending on your living area.

Q5: If you find me not suitable for heavy ion radiotherapy, can you show me some alternative and sufficient treatment and hospitals?

If a case is  evaluated as 'not suitable' for heavy ion radiotherapy, still the pateint is attended and referred to other hospitals or treatment facilities for alternative treatment. In such case the attending doctor of our clinic will also inform the referred doctor about the result of his/her evulation.

Q6: Is it possible to receive consultation without prior appointment reservation??

No, sorry.
Our clinic  operates on prior reservation of appointment basis.  Doctors rotate their schedule accordingly and are engaged. So you can't receive consultation without prior reservation. You can call us over the telephone, send a fax in advance. Or you can access our WEB and fill up necessary information in 'Contact sheet' and send it to us.

Q7: Do I need to bring any document or record with me for receiving consultation?

(1) Documents for personal identification (e.g. insurance card: original or copy).
(2) If family is attending on behalf of patient, document to identify the family with pateint's consent form for consultation are required.
(3) Medical Records (Reference letter from previous doctor if you have)
(4) Diagnostic image documents X-ray, CT, MRI, etc. of, Biochemistry, etc. preferably in DICOM format), hematological and Biochemical test report ※
※ You can receive consultation even if you do not have it. However, you may have to undergo additional investigation, which will consume more of your time.

Q8: Can a representative or third person receive consultation on behalf of the patient?

Such as your family, relatives or a third person properly authorized by you can represent.
In that case, document for identificationof the representative is required.

Q9: How much time I get for consultation and how much is the fee?

Outpatient second opinion is 16,200 yen / 30 minutes, but it can be extended up to one hour (if necessary).

Q10:  I am on a wheelchair, can I reach clinic smoothly?

We are located on the first floor and the entrance has been made barrier-free.

Q11: Is it possible to go by car?

There is a car park in the basement adjacent to our consultation clinic.
It belongs to "Hotel New Otani Garden Tower", and you have pay the parking charge.