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Contact Us Heavy particle beam therapy guide

Appointment and Consultation Process

1. Reservation System of Consultation.

We have a reservation system for consultation appointment, please call us or send a fax. Or you can send us an e-mail through our Contact Us page. Please fill up and send it.


2. To confirm your reservation, please communicate with our reception desk.

Our reception desk will attend to your problems and requirements and guide you to the most appropriate doctor.
Doctors our clinic are specialists on their subjects with wide understanding on cancer and see patients according to their weekly rotation schedule.
We will inform you the practice day with best doctors according to the medical condition of the patient.
(In case of emergency will respond to consultation urgently.)


3. In our clinic attending specialist doctors carefully evaluates patients for heavy ion radiotherapy.

If additional investigation was necessary, doctor will send patient to Tohto clinic, which located on the  second floor of our  clinic building.
All kinds of investigations, including biochemical tests and diagnostic imaging (CT, MRI, PET-CT) are available.


4. When a patient is evaluated as suitable for heavy ion radiotherapy, attending doctors proceed to further steps of treatment swiftly and smoothly.

Specialists doctors in our clinic aims at avoiding unnecessary hospital admission, make minimum treatment duration and make sure that patients can receive treatment while continuing to work and carrying out daily activities.

Our attending doctor will communicate with referred doctor to inform about result of his/her evaluation.